Scheduling Mission Critical Resources
What we do
We build smart assistants to manage the planning and recovery of operations across a variety of business domains. Our solutions, built with AI and operations research, capture both reactive and predictive aspects of problems like scheduling, routing and dispatch, and are designed to automate away the complexity of most operational issues.
Crew/Aircraft/Ground ops management
One of our offerings for commercial airlines focuses on one of the most complex parts of airline operations: airline crew schedule recovery. Our solution includes a user-friendly web interface with real-time tracking of violations including weekly/monthly/yearly rules and an optimizer that finds high-quality resolutions to disrupted crew schedules quickly at the click of a button. Rather than being a full-fledged crew management system, we provide a bolt-on framework that can plug into existing crew schedule feeds. Our optimizer can also perform predictive recovery by recommending schedule adjustments to make them robust to unknown but likely future disruptions. We are expanding this framework to include aircraft schedule recovery, integrated crew/aircraft recovery and continuous recovery, after which disruptions will be automatically detected and resolved periodically with a continuous stream of recovery options available to crew schedulers for review and publishing.
Our other offering is a ground-ops solution that focuses on creating workshifts for schedulers to manage planned airline schedules and dynamically updating them based on factors like changing workloads, labor rules and overtime rates.
Automated pilot training and mission planning
US Air Force pilots have very complex training schedules lasting several months and consisting of actual flying, simulated learning and in-class lectures. We provide a platform to plan coursework on a weekly basis for trainee pilots, resolve disruptions to schedules caused by events like bad weather and resource/personnel unavailability and predict attrition (incomplete planned coursework) by stress-testing schedules using historical data and weather forecasts.
The vision for our platform is to make it a one-stop shop for airspace management, flight path optimization and military mission planning.
Peer-to-Peer Routing
Smart dispatch
Our solution matches riders to drivers for inter-city trips to maximize revenue by efficiently using resources (more riders per car) while respecting preferences like car types, driver and rider time slots and whether people are down to talk during rides.
Mission planning with heterogeneous fleets
Drone fleet management is a critical part of applications like surveillance, wildfire monitoring and inspection of large-scale utilities like gas lines and power grids. We provide a software solution that can efficiently plan the routes of a heterogeneous fleet that includes aerial vehicles, ground vehicles and humans to satisfy mission objectives while ensuring that all assets can make it back to their depots safely and on time. Our solution can also dynamically update planned missions based on real world changes like weather or vehicle breakdowns.